Balancing member trust with value-based care initiatives and transparency mandates to deliver value—not just features

Our S365 platform is an intuitive and modular provider discovery and cost transparency platform that makes it easy for members to select quality, more affordable care. Our highly configurable provider finder and cost transparency tool with integrated incentive offering and add-ons is designed to meet the specific needs of our Plan partners. And with the heightened focus on customer and member experience along with the new cost transparency regulations, this healthcare shopping platform has come into focus as a strategic experience backbone for plans.

Delivering seamless sensible shopping through a managed federated partner ecosystem

Healthcare delivery is complex. Helping members enroll, understand benefits, find and select providers, access care, and ultimately get support throughout the care management life cycle requires both strategic and technical coordination between plans and a set of highly aligned strategic partners.

As the most used digital asset in most health plans member experience toolset, we are increasingly being called upon to  to act as a central backbone to present and manage a federation of highly aligned partners. Our federated partnership model is designed to orchestrate these partners and establish both a shared ROI and common method for valuing the customer experience in service to growing customer trust for our health plan partners.

Navigating the arc of transparency regulations

We believe that accurate cost visibility and health data ownership resulting from recent regulations will more tightly align healthcare organizations to the consumerism models the American consumer has become accustomed to in all other parts of their lives. We’re thinking holistically as we build for Transparency in Coverage and the No Surprises Act requirements alongside our product roadmap, we have developed a comprehensive plan to address the transparency requirements in a way that builds on one another to deliver one solution that can ultimately deliver clear useful cost information to the member. And with our best-in-class cost engine and member and provider data management, we are a perfect partner for delivering cost transparency in accordance with new federal mandates.

Over a decade of proven performance

Sapphire Digital leads the healthcare transparency industry with its digital shopping and engagement platform and consumer-focused engagement tools. By directing consumers to high-quality, lower-cost care, employers reduce their medical spend, while consumers save on out-of-pocket costs and earn a share of the savings in a cash reward.


  • Market leading user- centered experience design
  • Third party solution integration
  • New feature releases to meet evolving requirements


  • User-centered design
  • Managing modification requests
  • Gold star accelerated implementation


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Flexible using – Angular & APIs
  • Comprehensive end-to-end testing
  • Complex benefit and network strategies

Client Relationships

  • Steeped in technology, health plan and digital shopping expertise
  • Strong health plan leadership experience
  • Ongoing strategic client relationships with comprehensive reporting

Differentiators through delivery

Clear, simple healthcare shopping experiences are what sets us apart. Our exceptional teams and subject matter experts with a singular focus on healthcare shopping through elegant, integrated, and accurate healthcare shopping tools are what powers that differentiation.


  • 15+ years of experience with health plan data ingestion and management
  • Dedicated/integrated data and analytics team
  • Focused on simplifying the complexity of data into usable, actionable, and insightful information
  • Scalable member and provider data warehouses


  • Easy-to-use member search, steerage, and selection tools
  • Focused product/design team that ensures product quality through complexities and business change
  • Underlying and untapped member experience analytics and insights


  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • Dedicated client services teams bring core product and product enhancements to market on schedule
  • Advisory teams partner to focus new improvements or opportunities
  • Speed-to-market and quick resolution by delivering high quality work at a fast pace