Watch our Transparent about Transparency Webinar

This webinar recording is a conversation with Sapphire partners led by HealthScape to ensure you’re prepared to meet the new transparency in coverage requirements. Remember, initial compliance is due by 1/1/22. Learn everything you need to know by watching this webinar.

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Three Points to Focus Your Transparency in Coverage Efforts

At Sapphire, we believe there are some elegant ways to solve for regulations and customer experience simultaneously of it through simple health care shopping experiences. Here are three key concepts we are discussing with plans right now…

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Transparency in Preparing for Compliance: Our Plan for Transparency in Coverage and the No Surprises Act

The technical guidance isn’t fully available and details are slow to emerge but the compliance dates remain the same. In an effort to bring transparency to the transparency challenge, here is how Sapphire is helping clients through these regulations.

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