A set of value-driven solutions and programs for health plans, employers, TPAs and health systems

From incentives to mandates, our solutions and programs leverage the power of the S365™ to deliver specific capabilities for specific segments or the entire enterprise.

S365™ Healthcare Shopping & Navigation Platform

Our intuitive provider discovery and cost transparency tools make it easy for members and patients to select better, more affordable care—helping them feel more in control of their healthcare spending. Mixing comprehensive data management with best-in-class UI, S365 provides a set of capabilities that assemble to create the right solution for any health plan.

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Transparency Solutions

Significant federal transparency regulations, the No Surprises Act, and local variations on Right-to-Shop policies (among others) are creating a torrent of changes for health plans to address concurrently as they seek to improve customer satisfaction. By integrating the requirements for these regulations to our client-validated roadmap, we help our clients reach mandate milestones while building an increasingly personalized member experience.

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A digital shopping platform that drives down healthcare costs for health plans and employers by rewarding members who shop for high-quality, cost-effective care by enabling consumers to confidently shop to compare costs and options—and select the right care option.

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Concierge Services

From routine procedures to elective surgeries, different levels of information and support are required to help people through care selection. Our concierge services can manage both—as a full service or integrated augmented staffing solution by relying on an expert team with impossibly good member approval ratings.

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S365™ for Medicare Advantage

Excellence in Medicare Advantage relies on three critical dimensions: Supporting members in selecting high-value providers, connecting early and often to discover high-risk members, enabling both risk-adjustment and medical management and improving the member’s health plan experience and health outcomes. Member engagement and support is the key enabler driving our digital-first Medicare Advantage solution.

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Healthcare consumers empowered with the right information at the right moment become the best healthcare consumers for themselves, their health plans, and their providers. By making it easy for members and patients to find, evaluate, and select quality care options at any point in their care journey, our S365 platform helps healthcare organizations build trust, confidence, and loyalty with their audience.

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Leveraging comprehensive member details to anticipate needs

As our platform extends and evolves with our plan, provider, and employer partners, we are focused on bringing increasingly data-driven and personalized experiences to the end member/patient that is simple at every turn. By acting as a strategic partner responsible for the shopping journey backbone, we are focused on delivering value-based experiences that create a triple benefit for plans, providers, and people.