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Consumers are Shopping for Healthcare and Saving Money for Plan Sponsors. In 2019 alone, we saved plans and employers in excess of $33 million in savings, while paying members and employees over $13M in cash rewards for selecting high quality cost effective providers for care.

Rewarding people for making the better healthcare decision

SmartShopper® is a reward-based solution enabling consumers to shop confidently and compare costs and quality—resulting in the right care option for them.

With our unique program, we drive a greater than 2:1 ROI and 98% satisfaction rates from “SmartShoppers” indicating they would recommend the program to friends or coworkers.

We work with health plans serving their fully-insured, self-funded employers and individual members either on the exchange or within another government funded program, as well as third party administrators and direct to self-funded employers. Our solution supports any shoppable service with the exception of urgent procedures, and it incentivizes members with either financial or non-financial rewards to drive down healthcare costs.

Incentivized Healthcare Shopping

SmartShopper® provides a digital shopping platform helping millions of consumers nationwide understand the cost of healthcare. This leads to better healthcare choices that save money for their employers and themselves, as well as earns them rewards for selecting the most cost effective providers and site of service for care.

The SmartShopper® solution supports both financial and non-financial incentives to give our clients the broadest flexibility to drive the engagement and utilization they want to see from their members, patients, and employees. We work with our client partners to deliver multi-channel engagement campaigns and continuous innovation to increase program utilization.

Available Integrated or Freestanding

The SmartShopper® solution is built to deliver value efficiently to your members or employees. The program can be delivered as a freestanding web application or as an integrated program within S365™ to provide our clients and their customers the greatest flexibility in realizing savings.

Concierge support services included

Concierge support services are available via phone, chat, or text from our Concierge team, and we also have the ability to extend our solution so that our health plan partners can integrate this service through their existing member support functions.

Our program has delivered measurable results for plan sponsors and consumers in a multi-channel solution that recognizes all people shop a little differently—especially for their healthcare. Our team is on call to help members and employees navigate the healthcare system by identifying and selecting their best choices, scheduling appointments, and understanding when to expect their earned rewards.

SmartShopper is End-to-End Consumer Engagement


This is transparency

Clear price and quality information for facilities and providers


This is shopping

Understanding choices through categorized, ordered options

Conversion & Redirection

This is SmartShopper

Consumers selecting more cost-efficient care with value-aligned incentives

Learn how members shop for healthcare and how they save and benefit from an incentive strategy