Care Selection Guidance & Cost Transparency Throughout the Service Experience

Supporting members through care selection and access often requires multiple channels.

Bringing member-specific provider lists, integrated cost estimates, eligible incentives and other useful information to members, providers and support teams to make the best connections to the right care. Our well-documented APIs help organizations looking to bridge these interactions to deliver better member experiences that improve health outcomes while reducing costs of service delivery.

S365™ Provider Finder API

Incorporate the search for providers (both facilities and professionals), specialties, and procedures functionality into other applications. Includes numerous data elements including provider address, phone number, and specialties.

S365™ Cost Calculator API

Give members the ability to search for procedures and be able to view estimated costs for the procedures. The Provider Finder API requests are needed in order to use Cost Calculator API.

S365™ Ratings & Review API

Allow the viewing of ratings and reviews for providers (both professionals and facilities). When authentication is used, users will also be able to enter ratings and reviews, and like/dislike others’ reviews.

Incentives & Rewards API

Leverages our integrated cost services, connecting rewards to existing cost transparency solutions which enables the creation and presentation of provider and facility specific incentives to drive engagement through cash and non-cash rewards.

FHIR®-compliant Provider Directory API

FHIR®-compliant, public access provider directory API provides the data availability required to comply with the mandate and consumption monitoring to help clients better understand the third-party access and use of this data.

FHIR® HL7—Comply with Interoperability Regulations

Interoperability is intended to reduce care costs while improving efficiency, patient safety, and care coordination for the member. Empowering members to control their data enables them to make better choices for their health and those they care for. Our FHIR®-compliant Provider Directory API and the additional services ensure compliance with CMS interoperability rules for clients who license our APIs.

Engage Our API Experts

If you are new to APIs, engage our consulting team to advise and guide the most effective use of our API catalog for straightforward calls or complex requests.