Simplifying Healthcare Access & Engagement

Sapphire365 is a platform that empowers and engages health care shoppers in value-based care selection

Health care consumers empowered with the right information at the right moment become the best healthcare consumers for themselves, their health plans, and their providers. By making it easy for members and patients to find, evaluate, and select quality care options at any point in their care journey, we help healthcare organizations build trust, confidence, and loyalty with their audience. 

Helping end users see value of healthcare in an increasingly cost-aware world

We understand that the healthcare industry is operating in an increasingly costs-aware world where customer expectation is rooted in an “ask and answer” approach to product, experience, or service selection. In the eyes of the consumer, this experience extends beyond search bars and result sets to include predictive offers from quality providers that circumvent the need to search and the ability to find results through voice interfaces with no conventional UI at all. And borrowing the pattern from eCommerce, we understand the shopping journey doesn’t end with finding an option, it ends with frictionless access to that point of service. 

Leveraging comprehensive member details to anticipate member and patient needs

As our platform extends and evolves with our plan, provider, and employer partners, we are focused on bringing increasingly data-driven and personalized experiences to the end member/patient that is simple at every turn. By acting as a strategic partner responsible for the shopping journey backbone, we are focused on delivering value-based experiences that create a triple benefit for plans, providers, and people. 

Sapphire365 Platform Products & Services


Our Core transparency backbone provides easy to use member directory tools including rich provider and facility profiles and integrated costs.


A digital shopping platform that drives down health care costs for employers by rewarding employees who shop for high-quality, cost-effective care by enabling consumers to confidently shop to compare costs and options—and select the right care option.

Sapphire365 Concierge

We offer two concierge services for health care customer service organizations to help members and patients through complex care decisions. Learn more about our Medical Experience Guides for clinical support guidance and our Personal Assistant Team for shopping and selection support.

Sapphire365 Data Science

Designed to generate increasing ROI and member engagement, our artificial intelligence (ML/AI) technology delivers deep data solutions and predictions. By partnering with our clients, our award-winning data science helps reveal and implement technologies that generate meaningful health and financial outcomes.

CareSelect APIs & Interoperability

Offers mediated access to its underlying APIs to enable clients to deeply integrate CareSelect capabilities into the organization’s portals and mobile applications, and/or other applications. Our FHIR-compliant, public access Provider Directory API, the required authentication and consent management framework, and supporting services needed to ensure interoperability compliance for our provider directory customers.