Your Personal Assistant Awaits

Providing care selection and guidance at multiple levels

The healthcare journey can be confusing, complicated, and time consuming. Our Care Concierge service team can manage as a full service or integrated augmented staffing solution. Our tools can also seamlessly integrate into your customer service platform to empower your member advocacy team and be a backup as needed.

We offer one-on-one personal support to walk members through their journey. We can guide them to the right care at the right place and even help them earn a financial reward.

Routine procedure selection support and advice

In routine care situations, our advisors explain the merits of alternative lower-cost service while assisting in changing authorizations. They advise on the selection of multiple provider or site-of-care options, assist in scheduling and confirming appointments, and follow up post-procedure to confirm everything went as expected. The approach and empathetic ear helps consumers become more comfortable shopping for low-complexity, routine, procedures that are based primarily on cost and location, without any real variation in quality. This approach creates satisfied members, and leads them to gain confidence in self-service options over time.

Complex care decision support from a surgical concierge

When surgery is needed, quality scores on in-network surgeons and hospitals and expert personalized support have a meaningful impact on the outcome. As part of our Sapphire365 Concierge service offering, a clinically trained surgical concierge supports customers through these more specialized care navigation needs. This surgical concierge matches members with the right surgeon at the right location by using a number of data sources including:

  • Our Cost Transparency Tools
  • Incentive Eligible Procedures
  • Quality Scores
  • Patient Ratings & Reviews
  • Advanced Analytics

What Member Say About Our Concierge Experience

I would give the Personal Assistant Team 10 stars! Their service is excellent. They find my facilities nearby, update me on new procedures, and guide me through what I might need. Tell them I say thank you!

Laura, 43, Nashville, TN

My husband and I just used SmartShopper to schedule our annual procedures. The provider was wonderful and we earned $150 cash back! 100% recommend.

Susan and Tom, Charlotte, NC

This is my first experience with Smart Shopper and was greeted by Shannon (Personal Assistant) who was a tremendous assistance. My first experience has been a pleasure!

Amber, 56, Fort Worth, TX

Happy to find a facility that helps control costs. Tired of out of pocket expenses that aren’t covered by insurance and the procedure costs range is amazing over priced by some facilities.

Charlotte, 55, Rochester, NH


Using the Personal Assistant concierge service saved an average of $220, compared to $53 for web shopping.


Our Personal Assistants have an extremely high recommendation rate among “SmartShoppers”


NPS Score for concierge support is the highest among similar services inlcuding Accolade (81), Castlight (75), Grand Rounds (74), and HealthSparq (63)


Last year, the average savings per incentive for our shoppers that utilized our Personal Assistants was $595 compared to the $530 saved by consumers who shopped solely on the web.

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