Finding & Estimating Care Cost

Care selection is personal—and complicated. Consumers do not think about health care until they need it – It’s emotional. Every consumer seeking care searches for a specific care need. Whether it’s urgent, chronic, episodic, elective or seasonal, they have unique needs and preferences that guide their selection, for themselves or for a family member. CareSelect’s easy-to-use provider search and proprietary cost engine organizes rich provider information and cost data into a simple, personalized healthcare shopping experience. Consumers can choose a provider, understand personalized estimated out-of-pocket expenses, while seeing pricing variations for the same care.

Rewards & Incentives

Making the right choice can be difficult. Even with comprehensive information to evaluate providers and facilities, making a choice is often overwhelming. By adding our incentive platform, SmartShopper, health plans and employers can offer financial rewards for care choices that present consumers of good, health-focused choices that make the best use of health coverage. Whether it is incentivizing a consumer to select lower-cost providers for non-differentiated services or directing them to care for other non-financial benefits, SmartShopper enables health plans and employers to help members focus on the choice that’s best for everyone.

Concierge Support & Guidance

Some consumers are comfortable making their own healthcare decisions while others prefer to talk to through options and look of guidance. For those who want help from someone who knows how healthcare works, Sapphire365 Concierge allows them to engage with real, empathetic people. Human-powered chat and/or a telephone-based agent backed by a group of talented Patient Advisors help members access and navigate care with one-on-one personal support. You can feel confident that your members’ questions will be answered and they will make the right choice for their care needs.

Enabling Access at the Point of Decision

Making a decision to engage in care is the first step on any care journey. By connecting the most relevant and likely care access points to that decision, we help members get the care they need with a lot less friction. From appointment scheduling to virtual care, our platform allows clients to connect to a set of high-value care access options from best-in-class partners.

Predicting Needs

Through authorized access to their data, we anticipate the needs of customers to proactively engage them in high value care while further reducing any friction. We build trusted data sharing relationships with our customers and our platform partners. Through claims data and other managed data sets, we work to anticipate needs and offer engagements that lead to earlier intervention and better health outcomes. Meaning, we try to eliminate the “search” and “present” care options for needs up front for the consumer.

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