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Learn how we guide members to the right care outcome using S365

With S365, you can guide members through the process of selecting a PCP, offer information about prescription mail order options and even connect them directly with telehealth, right from your portal. Even better, our patent-pending ‘best match’ algorithm delivers the most relevant results by recognizing the intent behind a user’s search—even when someone misspells a name or doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for. Show your members there’s no magic in finding Dr. Right—just a smart health plan that can match their preferences with the right provider.

What you will learn

  • How we help members find care and estimate cost
    S365’s easy-to-use provider search and proprietary cost engine organizes rich provider information and cost data into a simple, personalized healthcare shopping experience.
  • How rewards and incentives can drive behavior
    Our integrated SmartShopper® product enables health plans and employers to help members focus on the choice that’s best for everyone.
  • How phone based support can help your members who need extra support
    Human-powered chat and/or a telephone-based agent backed by a group of talented Patient Advisors help members access and navigate care with one-on-one personal support.
  • How we connect in value added partners to eliminate friction in access
    From appointment scheduling to virtual care, our platform allows clients to connect to a set of high-value care access options from best-in-class partners.
  • Predicting needs to eliminate friction in connecting to care
    Through claims data and other managed data sets, we work to anticipate needs and offer engagements that lead to earlier intervention and better health outcomes. Meaning, we try to eliminate the “search” and “present” care options for needs up front for the consumer.
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