Markets We Support

Commercial Health Plans

We offer a customer-centered “backbone” for transparent healthcare shopping, selection, and access. All other application can hang of of this backbone platform to drive a unified consumer centric engagement application.

Medicare Plans

Today’s Medicare Advantage members are increasingly digital but many still prefer an interactive conversation where concerns are shared and addressed. Our CareSelect platform provides a number of resources to help this group find and manage the cost of the right care.

Employer Groups, Unions & Labor Markets

Complexity of health care impacts employees. It can also lead to higher costs for employers because in that confusion, employees don’t always make the most cost efficient selections. In addition, since public employees traditionally enjoy a rich benefit package, they also lack an incentive to seek lower-cost care and reduce healthcare costs.

Hospitals & Health Systems

More than ever before, the patient has more responsibility for the health care dollar. Right to shop legislation is being approved in more and more states adding to the more unique strategies being introduced by payors. It seems likely that Transparency in Coverage rules that were just upheld will soon require facilities to post payor-negotiated rates for 300 services, and changes to Medicare Advantage and Interoperability rules will soon be in place. COVID pandemic is altering the market landscape with anticipated pent-up demand for services, more cost-conscious consumers, and users struggling to navigate the healthcare system.