The challenge and the opportunity

  • There is a need to drive a cost that is competitive while maintaining quality standards
  • Facilities need to be focused on continually adding and enhancing new capabilities and integrating third party solutions to improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Integration with strategic partners is of added importance
  • The patient experience becomes substantially more important, and with it, a requirement for more evolved user testing and research
  • The ability to accurately reflect costs for procedures is taking on greater prominence
  • A commitment to identifying macro industry trends as well as regional requirements is needed to assure that the transparency offering meets ever-changing needs
  • Tightening the patient experience and connection with payor costs to ensure the customer is not confused about costs presented between payor and provider. 

Addressing these challenges requires teams with a wide range of expertise in UX design, testing strategies, data ingestion and management to enable patients to appreciate the financial impact and value of intelligent healthcare choices, and, of course, an infrastructure that is both secure and scalable. And perhaps more important than ever before, it requires a partner singularly focused on assuring both compliance and effective delivery of the needed capabilities.

CareSelect for Hospitals & Health Systems

Sapphire helps over 100 million people find and understand the cost of care using real-world, claims-based health care data. As an organization, we’re on a mission to enable, guide, and empower customers to control their health financial picture. We do this by making it simple to find, select, and control costs before, during, and after their health event. With nearly 15 years immersed in the complexities of cost and data, and delivering transparency answers that show costs and member liability, our tools are a perfect starting point for health systems and hospitals looking to deliver consumer-friendly pricing on shoppable procedures. Our CareSelect platform can help hospitals and health systems:

  1. Get patients to get the right care while helping them budget for the cost.
  2. Create a destination for passive patients who haven’t yet decided on a care option to become active patients by making procedure cost easier to find.
  3. Engage existing patients by promoting services, providers, and facilities in multichannel tools that connect right to the details they are seeking.
  4. Incentivize behavior with cash and non-cash incentives through our SmartShopper add-on.

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