Smarter choices equal healthier bottom lines

Using SmartShopper®—our incentive-based care selection solution—employers can reduce healthcare spend and improve employee satisfaction.

COVID-19 changed consumer shopping habits, including their use of healthcare, but the complexity in healthcare did not change. Today, more than ever, the decisions employees make in their healthcare shopping are critical to cost savings and they need a simple, easy-to-use tool to make the best quality/cost decisions. SmartShopper® is that tool for close to 5 million employees nationwide. 

Easy Care Selection

SmartShopper® helps employers reduce healthcare spend and improve employee satisfaction simultaneously by incentivizing the selection facilities and services where there is no quality difference but there is a meaningful cost difference.

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

According to a recent survey of SmartShopper® users, 98% of “SmartShoppers” would recommend the program to friends or coworkers. And with an average savings of $641 and $75 average reward check per eligible shop, members are saving real money for themselves and their plans as they get high quality, low cost care and live healthy lives.

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Available Integrated or Standalone

SmartShopper® is available as an independent program that runs alongside your healthcare plan to help employees make better care selection choices. Or, if your health plan partner uses our S365™ provider finder and healthcare shopping platform to guide your employees to quality healthcare choices, it integrates your health plan’s member portal as a white labeled web experience or through an API integration, so there are no additional websites to visit and no additional logins or registration required for your employees.

Ask your plan partner to add SmartShopper® to your benefit design to take advantage of cost-saving incentives in your member tools. If you aren’t sure whether your health plan offers S365™ or SmartShopper®, be sure to ask about it before your next open enrollment.

Employer & Employee Savings Delivered


Savings for plan sponsors


Cash incentives paid to consumers


Average claims savings per incentive paid


Program ROI

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Consumers are Shopping for Healthcare and Saving Money for Plan Sponsors. In 2019 alone, we saved plans and employers in excess of $33 million in savings, while paying members and employees over $13 million in cash rewards for selecting high-quality cost-effective providers for care.

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Stand-alone or through your health plan partner, SmartShopper® helps educe overall healthcare spend for employers. See how.