We offer a customer-centered solution for transparent healthcare shopping, selection, and access

Members can find and get great care easily and affordably with a unified consumer focused engagement application

Customers expect personal, easy-to-use tools with relevant answers at the point of need. Sapphire is a healthcare shopping and engagement company. Rooted in price transparency and provider quality, we partner with health plans, employer groups and hospital systems to deliver a measurable healthcare shopping and engagement backbone that helps consumers connect to the right care at the right time—and at the right price—to improve health outcomes. By delivering consistently, we help health organizations build trust with their members.

  • High-Quality, Affordable Care Options
  • Improve Member Engagement & Lower Costs
  • Proven Transparency & Guidance Solutions
  • Improve Star Ratings
  • Deliver a Personalized Experience

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Sapphire365™ guides your employees to cost-saving, quality healthcare choices by helping them find the care provider and the right site-of-care location. By adding in SmartShopper®, we take the guesswork out of healthcare choices by nudging employees to select quality, cost-effective providers by using incentives. The end result is higher quality care, improved employee satisfaction, and more sustainable healthcare costs for everyone.


Delivers personalized healthcare provider information, pricing and recovery timelines for hundreds of medical conditions, so your employees can navigate their healthcare journey with greater confidence and control—from the first sign of a medical need through recovery.

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Incentivize your employees to make better healthcare decisions with alerts that notify them about cost-effective services when shopping for providers or treatments.

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Concierge Support

Add a personal connection to ensure members have the support they need when navigating routing care and care requiring medical professional advice.

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