Deep Dive on Our Solution Architecture

Learn how our platform architecture supports your frictionless, personalized care navigation strategies

Customers today expect healthcare to work in the same way as services in other parts of their lives—our platform was purpose-build to help our health plan partners deliver on those expectations.

Designed well, member rewards encourage beneficiaries to choose high-value providers, complete important activities such as schedule annual wellness visits, and take better care of their health.

Sapphire Digital has a new offering based in our years of best practice healthcare navigation and incentivization.

We are setting up meetings to share more about what it is and how it adds value to senior markets P&Ls by delivering on the promise of senior engagement.

What you will learn in the 30 minute meeting

We’ll describe how S365 is built with independent UI, API, and Data layers to create a separation of concerns and allow usage of best tools for each layer—as well as specialized focus within each.

  • Environments & Scalability: Learn more about how our highly scalable tiered environment approach brings release timing flexibility and fine-grained cost control
  • Highly Automated, Infrastructure as Code: Learn how our ZERO manual admin, Peer reviewed approach mixed with Autoscaling/Provisioning, ChatOps, and A/B Deploys keeps client implementations tuned and tight.
  • API Catalog: Learn more about our growing API catalog and how it helps clients connect our capabilities into omni-channel experiences

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