Simplifying Healthcare Cost, Access & Engagement with Compliant Solutions

Best-in-class care navigation and transparency tools to help navigate federal regulations

Show your members there’s no magic in finding Dr. Right—just a smart health plan that can match their preferences with the right provider.

Health care consumers empowered with the right information at the right moment become the best healthcare consumers for themselves, their health plans, and their providers. By making it easy for members and patients to find, evaluate, and select quality care options at any point in their care journey, we help healthcare organizations build trust, confidence, and loyalty with their audience.

What you will learn in the 30 minute meeting

We understand that the healthcare industry is operating in an increasingly costs-aware world where customer expectation is rooted in an “ask and answer” approach to product, experience, or service selection.

  • The measurable healthcare shopping journey
    We understand the shopping journey doesn’t end with finding an option; it ends with frictionless access to that point of service.
  • How our platform is evolving to meet the demands of digital first
    How we’re extending beyond search bars and result sets to include predictive offers from quality providers that circumvent the need to search and the ability to find results through voice interfaces with no conventional UI at all.
  • How personalizing experiences help to eliminate friction in connecting to care
    Through claims data and other managed data sets, we work to anticipate needs and offer engagements that lead to earlier intervention and better health outcomes.
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