Our Approach to Data Management

How were going from descriptive to prescriptive with data in S356

We are in the age of “now.” From home automation to overnight delivery to highly tuned personalized media, the concept of immediate gratification has permeated almost every service in the consumer environment.

But for healthcare, achieving this just-in-time, predictive experience has proven difficult. Legacy databases and departmental information silos have created complex corporate data infrastructures that are difficult to unwind and make actionable. Real-time service analytics are narrow sections of the full service experience that have not been pulled together as a master view as organizations split focus between strategic investments in comprehensive experience analytics and operational challenges tied to managing and maintaining near term business.

Accessing value-driven business intelligence (BI) must align to a strategic development approach but must be done in parallel with smaller, focused and immediate value creators to prove the larger value proposition of a strategic approach to analytics within the enterprise. As the strategic partner who operates the most used digital destination in your member journey, we already know how to drive users to outcomes. Our solution drives digital member engagement through care navigation and shopping by eliminating the complexity in plan design to help members focus on provider and facility selection. Learn how:

Our data team is already involved in the definition and normalization of data that drives these member interactions. With access to the eligibility data, claims data, network data, cost data, and member preference and activity data, we have the unique ability to define and quickly present measurable prediction and suggestion events at a member and procedural level. By engaging as a strategic partner, our data, analytics, design, and product teams can evaluate their broader goals and build up solutions that can be tested rapidly and at scale.

The shopping and selection part of the care journey is a significant portion of the member experience. Whether they are seeking care for emergent, chronic, seasonal, or episodic care needs, schedule a meeting with us to learn more about how we partner with clients to support these four primary business objectives:

  1. Operational excellence: Optimizing care paths to eliminate friction in value-based, self-service care selection.
  2. Product innovation: Using data to drive behavior change to deliver a completely different business model (Such as High Performing Networks)
  3. Customer intimacy: Deepening the understanding of a member to anticipate a broader set of needs for them or those they manage care for—ultimately improving customer satisfaction and retention.
  4. Risk management: Reducing the risk to groups or plans based on members making care decisions that aren’t in their best interest—and aren’t in the best interest of the organization.
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