For those members who require additional support, we offer a set of tools and services to help

Our compliant print and share solutions enable members save provider information for offline use. Our highly rated concierge team can advise on reward-eligible procedures, and even switch or book appointments.

Print & Share

Not every member is digital-first. Provide multiple ways to save and print provider information for offline use and stay compliant at the same time.

Whether it’s printing personalized results, cost details, or a whole directory, our PDF and print solutions give members the option that works best for their needs. Rest-assured, you are compliant with CMS requirements for full network directories, including a highly configurable table of contents, disclaimers, and consistently refreshed data.

  • Full directories can be made available as a downloadable PDF or mailed hard copy document on request. Booklets can be used by commercial and Medicare members, brokers, and customer service agents alike.
  • While full network PDFs and paper booklets appeal to some traditional consumers, many digital users want to personalize their PDF downloads directly from the online search, applying their preferred search criteria and filters to tailor the listings. Our print results-to PDF creates a downloadable export from online search in seconds.
  • Enable members to print cost for specific procedures and providers for offline use.
  • Engage our fulfillment partner or bring your own to print and ship on-demand directories to members who request them.

Concierge Services

Our concierges cut through the noise and provide personal advice backed by data

Healthcare can be confusing and overwhelming, and conversation with a real person provides a human touch.

  • Our Personal Assistants help members in our SmartShopper® program identify reward opportunities as well as assist with scheduling or changing appointments.
  • Health plan customer service teams help members best when informed about their own specific costs and they are armed with quality data. Our member service training and tools give your member services teams the detailed information they need to guide members to the best care choices.