Highlighting the quality, cost-effective providers and programs at relevant moments in the care journey.

We do the work behind the scenes with flexible taxonomies, next best action algorithms, and ML/AI suggestion models so all your members see are their best options curated just for them at the just the right moment.

Find Care

Continuously optimizing search experience for evolving member expectations

Whether they are looking for a family physician, a mental health counselor, a nearby urgent care center or a skilled surgeon, we support and guide consumers through the process. Members can choose a PCP, learn about pharmacy benefits, or review their HSA/FSA balances within a unified shopping experience.

  • Our open text search lets members search doctors by given name, specialty, practice name, medical group, procedures performed and hundreds of common, user friendly keywords. Browse by category and quick links make it easy to find medical, dental, or vision care for all health needs.
  • Smart taxonomies let you use your health plan’s unique specialties and keywords. Paired with our user experience research and optimization recommendations, they deliver the most satisfying search experience.
  • Our powerful search technology brings back results that match their search term across multiple categories. Easy to read tags on each result help members connect back to their original search intent.
  • Our proprietary ‘best match’ sort ranks doctors by a number of important categories like distance, cost, awards, and ratings. The flexible algorithm lets you dynamically add additional ranking factors such as tier or your proprietary clinical quality score, creating a ranking tailored to each plan or employer group’s needs. Members can further refine with personalized filters like gender or amenities, or sort by specific components like rating.

Find Cost

Bringing cost to members in the moments that matter to help them make informed care decisions

Find Cost allows a member to estimate out-of-pocket expenses for thousands of inpatient, outpatient, and diagnostic procedures. And our Care Path experience guides patients through multi-month, multi-provider episodes of care. Decision support and second opinions add a layer of reassurance so members can feel supported in making the best choice.

  • Providers quality including clinical outcomes and adherence to best practices are featured alongside cost-effectiveness, so members can choose cost effective care without sacrificing quality.
  • When looking at cost, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our simple, interactive visual cost display let users envision copays and deductibles, track past spending, and project future expenses in context.
  • Our cost transparency tools highlight and educate around the variation in costs across locations, and our Cost Assistant suggests and redirects to the most cost-effective quality locations.
  • Our team of cost data experts offer Cost Data Transformation as a Service where they take your raw claims and create average cost estimates for hundreds of procedures powered by a real-time, flexible, configurable cost API.


Surfacing suggestions and Next Best Actions (NBA) to optimize the use of health coverage and care

Consumers presume that their trusted digital platforms—from finance to healthcare—know them well enough to predict their needs. Done right, personalization drives satisfaction.

  • Free text and guided search navigation gives users the option to view suggestions of common specialties and procedures, especially when they don’t know what they are looking for.
  • We help members seeking quick answers skip search entirely with predictive care recommendations that display on the entry page throughout their shopping journey.
  • Simple suggestions and relevant next-best actions help connect members directly to the care they need, like suggesting potential future rewards they could achieve based on past behavior or demographics.

Best Practice

Steerage and navigation are tied directly to omni-channel, digital engagement models

The healthcare industry is operating in an increasingly costs-aware world where customer expectation is rooted in an “ask and answer” approach to product, experience, or service selection. This experience extends beyond search bars and result sets to include predictive offers from quality providers that circumvent the need to search and the ability to find results through voice interfaces with no conventional UI. Additionally, borrowing the pattern from eCommerce, the shopping journey doesn’t end with finding an option, it ends with the conversion into that offering through frictionless access to that point of service. Through the consistent delivery of this orchestrated experience emerges member trust. 

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