S365 Healthcare Shopping and Transparency Platform

Mixing comprehensive data management with best-in-class UI through our customer-validated roadmap and CI/CD approach to software delivery, our solution and federated partners provide a set of capabilities that assemble to create the right solution for any health plan.


Steerage & Direction

Suggesting and highlighting the highest quality, cost effective doctors and care programs at relevant touchpoints in the care journey. We do the work behind the scenes with flexible taxonomies, algorithms, and ML/AI models, so all your members see are their best options — curated just for them.

  • Enable them to find care options within the context of your health benefits
  • Make it easy to find costs for specific procedures to better plan for care
  • Provide suggestions to guide your care selection through typeahead search and prediction

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Connection & Retention

Integrating chosen point solutions into a seamless care journey with clinical insights, patient ratings and reviews, and reward opportunities that deliver consistent member satisfaction scores and demonstrated ROI and retention.

  • Provide access to the right support or provider option at the right time within each shopping journey through integrated partner solutions
  • Reward members for making value-based healthcare choices for certain procedures and tests
  • Help them benefit from peer reviews to make more informed provider and facility decisions

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Support & Guidance

Meeting compliance requirements to save and print provider information for offline use, with traditional paper-printable options as well as tech-savvy options for digital natives. For those members who require additional support, our highly rated Concierge team can advise on reward-eligible procedures, and even switch or book appointments.

  • Enable members to print results in a number of different forms
  • Provide a personal touch for members with concierge care navigation services

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As the dynamics of cost, transparency, and competitiveness in healthcare continue to increase and member expectations for digital-first, self-service tools become more pronounced, the need to update and share updates and adjustments to plans and member benefits increase along with it. Our administrative tools continue to grow and expand to enable plans to respond with increased speed and precision.

  • Manage the data and content in the platform to keep members current as strategies, plans, and member needs change
  • Integrate partners to eliminate friction in the member experience
  • Leverage subject matter expertise through consulting services to augment health plan capabilities
  • Get utilization intelligence through product, program, and account specific analytics

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Helping end users see value of healthcare in an increasingly cost-aware world

We understand that the healthcare industry is operating in an increasingly costs-aware world where customer expectation is rooted in an “ask and answer” approach to product, experience, or service selection. In the eyes of the consumer, this experience extends beyond search bars and result sets to include predictive offers from quality providers that circumvent the need to search and the ability to find results through voice interfaces with no conventional UI at all. And borrowing the pattern from eCommerce, we understand the shopping journey doesn’t end with finding an option, it ends with frictionless access to that point of service.

Transparency in Coverage

Preparing for Transparency in Coverage & No Surprises

We’re partnering with current and new clients to ensure compliance with the regulations—and to plan for life beyond 1/1/2022.

Significant federal transparency regulations, the No Surprises Act, and local variations on Right-to-Shop policies (among others) are creating a torrent of changes for health plans to address concurrently as they seek to improve customer satisfaction. Our solution works to accommodate both goals. By integrating the requirements for these regulations to our client-validated roadmap, we help our clients reach mandate milestones while building an increasingly personalized member experience.