Connecting strategic point solutions for a seamless shopper journey

Tightly integrating key partners into our best-in-class healthcare shopping solution to deliver consistent member satisfaction scores, demonstrated ROI, and ultimately retention through better outcomes.


Bringing strategic point solutions to consumers at the relevant points in their care journey

Integrate partners (yours or ours) within the core shopping journey. By tightly connecting typically stand-alone solutions into a holistic shopping experience, consumers have the ability to discover, select, learn, and access care as part of their usual decisioning process.

  • Consumers increasingly expect their online experiences to be personalized and effortless—and healthcare is no exception. Our journey-driven experience leverages common ecommerce patterns to connect members to options like virtual care for primary care, behavioral health, disease, and addiction management options in seconds.
  • Provide members product-specific access to specific care options and support capabilities based on eligibility rules, business rules, and specific program goals.


Delivering proven ROI and savings for members in our most recommended program

Getting cash back for making the right care choices is one reason 97% of our current customers recommend our SmartShopper healthcare shopping incentives program to their friends and family. If active, members can see rewards anywhere they are already searching for procedures and comparing costs. Our 2:1 Incentive Program ROI frees up dollars for self-insured and fully-insured clients to offer even more programs to members, lower their overall premium costs, or provide generous benefit designs everyone loves.

  • From personalized emails to employees to year-round program guidance for HR leaders promoting the program, our client engagement managers, comprehensive marketing hub, and account-specific materials drive awareness, engagement—and savings.
  • Rely on traditional check-based incentives or rewards cards with the option of direct deposit into a member’s HSA account for eligible shoppers for incentive fulfillment.
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Meeting member expectations for robust patient ratings and real “just like you” reviews

Consumers place a high value on ratings and reviews for purchase decisions. And for many health plans, they are required by mandate. Patients want to hear the perspectives of real patients just like them, as well as provide feedback on their own care experiences. Our review solution provides five star ratings and detailed reviews aggregated from individual reviews and trusted sources like HCAHPS hospital surveys.

  • Collect reviews from your audience to bring dimension to your provider and facility profiles and leverage the tens of thousands of reviews already collected from verified patients to add confidence to care choices.
  • Manage reviews with process review, moderation, and profanity filters provide assurance that the reviews displayed are fair and meet high standards.

Best Practice

Leveraging comprehensive member details to anticipate member and patient needs

As our platform extends and evolves with our plan, provider, and employer partners, we are focused on bringing increasingly data-driven and personalized experiences to the end member/patient that is simple at every turn. By acting as a strategic partner responsible for the shopping journey backbone, we are focused on delivering value-based experiences that create a triple benefit for plans, providers, and people.

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